Patient Testimonials

Patient Name – Zarina Lalani
Occupation – House Wife
Phone no – 9099670495
Zarina Lalani House Wife
Jagdish Arora
Patient Name – Jagdish Arora
Occupation – Income Tax Officer
Phone no –7898033300

Jagdish Arora Income Tax Officer
Khusboo N. Bhavnani
Patient Name – Khusboo N. Bhavnani
Occupation –  House Wife 
Phone no –

Khusboo N. Bhavnani House Wife
Rozmin Lalani
Patient Name – Rozmin Lalani
Occupation – House Wife
Phone no –7898188003

Rozmin Lalani House Wife
Amisha Gandhi
Patient Name – Amisha Gandhi
Occupation – Student from USA
Phone No - 7574994466

Amisha Gandhi Student from USA
Noorbano Lalani
Patient Name – Noorbano Lalani
Occupation – House Wife
Phone no – 9329786555

Noorbano Lalani House Wife
Smita Sia
Patient Name – Smita Sia
Occupation – Model/ actor
Phone no –9826392010

Dr.Sana Thank you very much, your constant kindness is much appreciated. I'm gonna make you proud. I'm gonna keep coming in for more treatments thanks for my smile correction n studd it has given me a look n confidence to get into glamour world.You are a wonderful Doc with so much warmth. God bless you.
Smita Sia Model / Actor
Patient Name – Nargis Lalani
Occupation – House Wife
Phone no – 9907008001

Nargis Lalani House Wife
Neeraj Kumar
Patient Name – Neeraj Kumar
Occupation – Business
Phone no – 9302962151

Neeraj Kumar Businessman
Prakriti Wasnik
Patient Name – Prakriti Wasnik
Occupation – Clinical Researcher
Phone no – 8197145018

I wish to write the below testimonial for you but I am unaware of any sites where I can post it. So here it is I wish to testify:
I have been her patient since the beginning and I never went back to any other dentist because I felt confident about the treatment she gave, which cured my sensitivity and the pain. Not just the treatment to the current condition but she also prescribed a preventive treatment based on the symptoms. On a regular checkup I got to know I have started getting cavities and if treated can be controlled and the required post treatment care. I followed it and now I have much healthier gums and teeth. I believe that it is the root cause analysis that she follows which helps her patients to have that confidence in her and especially an extremely conscious patients like me to have the confidence in her treatment ways.
I can not define it in words but Dr. Sana has not just been a good doctor but a friend too. Many achieves degrees but to get that name & liking & to be the preferable one among any other doctor is a big thing. So why is she the preferred one? The reason is very simple, she is not only good and knowledgeable with her field but also a good human and treats each of her patients the same way, irrespective of what and who the person is. She connects so well with all her patients, understand the way of treatment they require and also the way they need to be handled. I have known her since the time she began her dreams and she followed it and here she is. The hard work and dedication she has for her work is commendable. I am from a clinical research industry and have been a clinical monitor, it's in my nature to judge every doctor the same way and I use this in my real life too. Based on that experience if I have to judge her practice, she is one of the best practitioners, following her practice ethically and patient safety prevails over any other interests.
I am fortunate to know her and also to be one of her patients. She is not just a dentist to me but a friend for life. And I am sure it is a similar case with most of her patients too.
With loads of good wishes
Prakriti Wasnik

Prakriti Wasnik Clinical Researcher

Patient Testimonials

Patient Name – Aishwarya Devnani
Occupation – Lakme Fashion Week Top Model

Aishwarya Devnani Model, Mumbai

Dr. Sana Farista - The Laser Specialist

Dr. Sana Farista is one of Mumbai premier cosmetic & laser specialists, over the last 7 years, She has developed her practice to create a truly one of the kind experiance for people looking to transform their lives. By enhancing their smile and beauty, maintaining their good oral health through a range of Advance Non-invasive treatments option like:

  • Non-invasive Laser Dentistry.
  • Smile make over.
  • Tooth whitening.
  • Lip & Gum dipegmentation (Pinkning).
  • Implant
  • Gum Disease (Pyorrhea / Periodontitis)
  • Customize multi-disciplinary treatment
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